Complete Wiring & Upgrades

Like any other components, electrical wiring have a life span. Wires are constantly sending signals and conducting electricity, which generates heat and that will deteriorate the insulation and or the copper or aluminum conductors. With time and upgrades to the systems, the power demands may go up in certain circuits, but unfortunately the wiring remains the same and may or may not be rated to handle additional current demands.


All industries move towards something more efficient, modern and durable, and the railroads are not different. 

Our past experiences give us that knowledge and skills to work with our clients to identify the necessary and cost effective control upgrades.

Partial and Components Rewiring

Components fail due to numerous reasons, some are predictable such as age, but others tend to fail due to the harsh environment. The rail cars and locomotives are constantly shaking. vibrating and temperature changes from high to low. 

We can rewire existing system components or upgrade them.    

Component Assembly & Installation

We make to your existing specifications and designs, or make to meet your needs and applications. All components have a life cycle, there are components that have a longer life than other's due to their ratings and classifications, we prefer to use the higher end products.


Troubleshooting is a complex task that requires a lot of patience and skillful  knowledge. Our current business model gives us the exposures to all types of machinery, equipment, processes, systems that are very complex in design and in how they operate. 

Having a machine or equipment that acts up or doesn't work can cause major process issues and or damage, not to mention the revenue losses....we have performed electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical troubleshooting quiet successfully over the years. Many times it's hard to determine is the issue electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical...or even a combinations. 

Repeat Failure Solutions

No one likes to have constant and repeat failures, that just costs money and lost revenues. We have the skills and the knowledge to study and resolve many of these issues. About 20 years ago our proprietor  has resolve an issue with a passenger railroad company that has saved them over $2MM a year, today they still don't have any issues.

Over the years we have came across many similar issues with machines, equipment, and automation that have many factors that can cause constant, repeat and catastrophic failure, some were design issues, inferior components, under-rated for the application(s), or just none or poor maintenance. 


Since 1996 we have performed multiple successful risk assessments and developed safety systems to prevent employees and general public for getting injured. We have worked with many sectors such as manufacturing, service, transportation to help them comply with OSHA, ANSI and NFPA 79 and NFPA 70E, and the railroads are not exempt from these requirements. Our proprietor also teaches safety at California State University, and also has served on OSHA's standards board (he is the co-author of the current Lock Out / Tag Out standard).